Learn to Win, Inc. makes it a priority to internally and externally promote our commitment to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion for all.

Whether visitors to our website are using assistive devices like screen readers, visiting on a mobile device or a regular desktop computer, our goal is for all visitors to have an optimal experience while visiting our site on their chosen devices.

In an ongoing effort to achieve compliance standards, we have updated our website to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A at a minimum & AA as much as possible, as this is recognized as the international standard of success for web compliance under the American Disabilities Act of 1972.

Additionally, we regularly evaluate our website to ensure we are accommodating possible new accessibility standards that may be established.

Compliance is an evolutionary process and we are making our very best efforts to ensure such guidelines are met as much as possible. If you have any feedback or are experiencing any accessibility challenges with our site, please email us at info@learntowin.us and we will look into the matter as promptly as possible.